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Laura and Dierdra Collection Updates

If you haven't heard of our Laura and Dierdra collections before, let us take a minute to explain why these knobs and pulls are some of our favorites.

Dierdra Modern Brushed Gold

Dierdra is a transitional style that blends traditional design elements. The refined curves have a chic, classic feel with ties to stylish homes of the past.

Orbs anchoring each end of the pulls give it an ornamental detail that isn't overwhelming but purposeful. Dierdra's polished curves are at home in a calming, spa-like bathroom or a custom kitchen with detailed cabinetry.

Laura Matte Black

Laura is a sleek and smooth contemporary collection. The knobs and pulls feature gemstone-like angles that meet at a soft, rectangular plateau. 

The design is a marriage of sculptural curves and bold shapes that work with varying interior styles. This collection matches vintage, mid-century-inspired spaces just as much as minimalist aesthetic kitchens.

With all their unique qualities, Laura and Dierdra were the ideal collections to add new and exciting products to their offering.

The updates include introducing a 12in. appliance pull size to both collections and a 128mm size to Dierdra. As our top-selling finish in 2023, Matte Black will coat both designs in a subtle sheen. Dierdra is available in equally popular Modern Brushed Gold and our brand-new finish, Toasted Bronze.

“We are always evaluating our offerings to see if they can be updated for today’s needs,” said Pat Jarvis, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Berenson. “In Laura and Dierdra, we saw an opportunity to add appliance pulls and make these collections more attractive to designers looking for a cohesive look."

We hope you and your customers enjoy our new products and find ways to incorporate them into the beautiful spaces you design. See each new item in the list below, and don't forget to order free samples to experience our hardware in person.

Dierdra 96mm CC Matte Black Pull


Add a trending finish to your transitional design with the classic kitchen handles of Dierdra.
MSRP: $14.39

Dierdra Matte Black Knob


The kitchen cabinet knobs of Dierdra have a classic flat oval design for transitional homes.
MSRP: $7.09

Dierdra 96mm CC Modern Brushed Gold Pull


The Dierdra collection offers a rounded transitional cabinet handle design in popular finishes.
MSRP: $14.39

Dierdra Modern Brushed Gold Knob


Enhance your transitional kitchens with the elegant drawer knobs of Dierdra.
MSRP: $7.09

Dierdra 128mm CC Modern Brushed Gold Pull


Bring an elegant touch to your home with the transitional cabinet handles of Deirdra.
MSRP: $15.45

Dierdra 160mm CC Modern Brushed Gold Pull


The Dierdra cabinet pulls have a classic rounded design for transitional designs.
MSRP: $19.78

Dierdra 224mm CC Modern Brushed Gold Pull


The long kitchen pulls of Dierdra have rounded features ideal for transitional homes.
Not to be used as an appliance pull.
MSRP: $23.88

Dierdra 12 inch CC Modern Brushed Gold Appliance Pull


Use the long kitchen cabinet handles of Dierdra for a seamless look to your design.
Please Note: Oversized parts may require additional shipping costs.
MSRP: $124.92

Dierdra 128mm CC Matte Black Pull


The Dierdra collection features kitchen handles in a classic design for transitional homes.
MSRP: $15.45

Dierdra 160mm CC Matte Black Pull


The Dierdra collection has transitional kitchen cabinet handles in a variety of finishes.
MSRP: $19.78

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