Frequently Asked Questions

You can purchase Berenson hardware through Architectural Hardware Showrooms, from Kitchen and Bath oriented dealers and internet re-sellers through a national network of wholesale distributors. To find the retailer nearest to you, visit our Retail Locator page. 

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Yes! You can find our current catalogs for online viewing and download here.
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For information on ordering samples, click here

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Berenson hardware can be found on display at various showrooms throughout the country. To find the showroom nearest to you, please visit our Retail Locator page. 

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Berenson stocks all items in its national distribution center and fills all orders within 24 hours of receipt. Our partners will arrange for your order to be shipped to their location or even directly to your business or home if the product is urgently needed. 

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No. Berenson offers all items in any quantity with no broken box charges.

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You can view and download all our current catalogs on our website here. Industry professionals can receive physical catalogs in the mail filling out and submitting our Catalog Request Form.

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Working with a network of partners allows Berenson to provide a better customer experience, including reduced freight charges and shorter delivery times. With partners located around the country, there are more opportunities for customers to receive in person advice and information from industry professionals about Berenson and our products. 

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Yes. Most hardware includes an 8-32 x 1" or M4 x 45mm break off screws. 

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There is no minimum order quantity or broken box charge. Berenson will ship any product in any quantity.

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Orders placed before 3:00 PM EST will ship same day. (Large orders that must ship by truck will go out the day after the order is placed.)

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Yes! We will ship right to the customer if needed. 
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CC stands for center to center. This is the distance between screw holes on a pull. This is different from the length of a pull which is the overall measurement from one end of the pull to other and is longer than the center to center. For more information on CC and to view a video on how to determine your CC, please click here.

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Our appliance pulls come in a range of sizes. You can find a full listing of our appliance pulls here
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Protecting your privacy is important to us. We collect and store personal information voluntarily provided during a request for a quote, completion of any surveys managed on the site, or during the registration process. We do not disclose any of this collected information to third party organizations for any purposes. Customers do have the option to opt out of emails and surveys. 

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When necessary, our decorative hardware is best cleaned with warm water, mild soap, and a soft cloth. Avoid the use of abrasive cleaning products, or window cleaner. Over time, the use of such products will result in the removal of the protective coating.

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