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NEW Finishes & Sizes: Coming to a Display Board Near You!

We recently updated some of our collections with trending finishes and new sizes. Changes have been made to the display boards of these collections, so they are reflective of current offerings.

Bravo Display Board


The updated Bravo display board has had 1046-40BC-P added, to showcase this collection in its new finish, Brushed Copper.

2399-1055-P and 2403-1SLT-P have been added to our Domestic Bliss display board to feature the two new finishes we added, Matte Black and Slate.

Domestic Bliss Display Board
Elevate Display Board


The large knobs, 2108-40SG-P and 2129-4026-P, have been replaced with 2173-10SG-P and 2176-1026-P, to visualize the new, smaller knob size option available in all finishes.


2387-1MDB-P has been added to represent the new 96mm CC size now available in all finishes, as well as the two knobs, 2394-1055-P and 2389-1SLT-P, to showcase the new finishes to this collection, Matte Black and Slate.

Swagger Display Board

We want our customers to always have the latest marketing materials for merchandising products. If you would like to update your display boards, contact our sales team today. 

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