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Transitional Interior Design

Transitional style interiors are a blend of the symmetrical and detailed features of a traditional design, and the sleek, efficient look of contemporary spaces. It serves as a nice compromise for those who aren't ready for the near minimalist style of contemporary but also aren't in a rush to fill their home with detailed, matching furniture sets. This gives transitional designs their overall casual charm.

Light, neutral tones are a major component of a transitional design. such as grey, white, and beige. This applies to the walls, cabinets, window treatments, and doors. Natural lighting is a favorite in these designs when possible and works together with the light tones to create a bright space. Unlike a contemporary design that stays fairly neutral in color across the entire design, subtle pops of color such as muted blues can be found in the furniture of transitional homes.

Speaking of furniture, designs are usually simple and designed for comfort first, often with rounded features. They can come in metal or wood and feature upholstery ranging from soft cotton to leather. Unlike a traditional home, where all pieces in a living room or bedroom will match and appear like they came from the same place, a transitional living room can have some variation in style and sacrifice symmetry in favor of efficiency.

Extra décor is limited but is kept simple when included. Plants are common and if art is included, it will be sparingly and used as a focal point.

Our Classic Comfort series features cabinet hardware in transitional styles in a range of lengths and finishes including Polished Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze. Collections in modern designs, a fixture of transitional style, can also be found here in Domestic Bliss and Aspire. 

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