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How QR Codes Will Benefit Your Business

Before we delve into how a QR code can benefit your business, we should first clarify what they are. A QR code, short for Quick Response code, is a square bar code made up of an arrangement of black and white squares. Similar to how the bar codes on food at the grocery store function, these QR codes contain information that can be read when scanned by a capable device. QR codes have an advantage over bar codes however in that they store more data such as URL’s and PDF’s, and can be read using free websites or apps, or just the camera on some smart phones.

And therein lies what makes QR codes so beneficial to a business: their ability to be read by a device nearly everyone has in their pocket. According to statista, nearly 80% of Americans own a smart phone. This means for a business, most of their customers will have ready access to the information they decide to encode in their QR code.

This gives a business the benefit of providing customers with tons of information in only a small amount of space, which means saving money on ad space. The customer benefits too in that they do not have to do any searching to find our more information when reading printed material. The customer can be connected offline to online with little hassle.

Below are some more ways QR codes benefit a business:

1. Connect a print call to action to a digital response in seconds.
Track ad effectiveness by monitoring QR code scans. Identify what gets a response and what doesn’t.
3. Promotes engagement with your brand by having customers interact with ads and displays.
4. Allows access to product information for customers to take with them if catalogs are not available in store.
5. QR codes can contain map information so a customer can easily save your location right to their phone.
6. Increase traffic to your website and improve SEO.
7. Their affordable price makes them an inexpensive marketing tool.
8. The information linked to the QR code can always be updated ensuring it will always be relevant.
9. QR codes can be large or small, and placed on a variety of material, making their potential limitless.
10. Gain followers by connecting QR codes right to your social media.

Berenson now features QR codes on our cabinet hardware display boards and printed material, connecting customers with our website to even more information. Click the button for more info.

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