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Berenson Part Number Breakdown

What's in a Number?

Each Berenson Hardware part is assigned a unique number, but those numbers are more than just a label for the part. They contain codes that will tell you:

• What material the part is made from 

• What finish the part is

• How the part is packaged

The graphic on the  right breaks it down for you. 

What are the codes?

Now that you know what each part of the number means, you should know what the numbers and letters stand for. Here is a handy guide to all of our codes. 

Material Codes

1 Zinc Diecast (Zamac)

2 Steel

3 Brass

4 Aluminum

5 Ceramic / Porcelain

6 Wood

7 Plastic / Acrylic

9 Other (Stainless Steel or Crystal)

Finish Codes

00 Miscellaneous

02 Antique English

03 Polished Brass

06 Bronze

07 Gold

10 Rubbed Bronze

14 Polished Nickel

15 Brushed Chrome or Satin Nickel

26 Polished Chrome

30 Unlacquered Oak

39 White Ceramic

47 Clear/Transparent

55 Black/Matte Black

98 Black Nickel

99 Antique Silver

AB Antique Brass

AG Antique Latte Glaze

AI Antique Iron

ALU Aluminum

AP Antique Pewter

BAB Brushed Antique Brass

BAC Brushed Antique Copper

BC Brushed Copper

BBZ Brushed Bronze

BNL Brushed Nickel Look

BPN Brushed Nickel

BT Brushed Tin

CZ Champagne

DAB Dull Antique Brass

DBZ Dull Bronze

DC Dull Chrome

FE Dull Rust

GPH Graphite

LWI Weathered Iron

MDB Modern Brushed Gold (formally Modern Bronze)

OB Oiled Bronze

ORB Oil Rubbed Bronze

ORBL Oil Rubbed Bronze Light

PC Polished Copper

RAB Rustic Brushed Brass

RBG Bronze Rust Glaze

RBN Rustic Black Nickel

RC Rustic Copper

RGZ Rust Glaze

RI Rustic Iron

RN Rustic Nickel

RT Rustic Tin

RU Rust

SB Satin Brass

SC Satin Chrome

SG Satin Gold

SLT Slate

SS Stainless Steel

SWM Unlacquered White Maple

TN Tin

VB Verona Bronze

VTN Vintage Nickel

WC Weathered Copper

WN Weathered Nickel

WVB Weathered Verona Bronze

For more information on our finishes, visit our Finish Guide

Packaging Codes

B Item is supplied in bulk without mounting screws

C Item is supplied in a carton with 8-32 x 1" or M4 x 45mm break off screws

P Item is individually polybagged with 8-32 X 1" screws, M4 x 45mm break off screws, or other mounting hardware 

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