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Cabinet Styles Defined


For every interior design style there is a cabinet type to go with it. 

We break down a few of the different types here and what style they best complement.


Inset cabinet doors and drawers are installed flush to the cabinet face for a clean look. Check out how great our Epoch Edge Collection looks with this style!


Overlay cabinets can either be Partial or Full. These doors and drawers rest over the cabinet face. Full overlay leaves none of the cabinet face visible and partial only covers some of the cabinet face. The Skyline Collection from our Uptown Appeal Series complements either style beautifully.


Distressed cabinets have a worn appearance, creating a warm and lived in feel. It lends itself to rustic or artisan style homes, matching the aged and raw look of these designs. The Artisan Inspired Series has rustic hardware styles perfect for this cabinet style.

Raised Panel

A long standing staple design is the raised panel. As the name implies, the center panel is raised with a sunken feature around it. A popular variant is the single arch or cathedral door. Raised panel is great for transitional and traditional styles and pairs well with the Forte Collection.


Slab doors are constructed of a single flat piece of wood and have no features. Their minimalist appearance are best used when looking for a sleek, contemporary style and are perfect for the hardware of our Art Tech Series.


Also known as a recessed panel door, this door gets its name from the Shaker furniture style. The simple design is fitting for most decor and is and works well with our Elevate Collection.


Looking for a focal point in a space? The Mullioned cabinet style may be the one for you. Reminiscent of a window pane, mullioned doors generally feature a glass inset instead of wood. Use them to show off China or treasured relics passed down through your family. Our Sonata Collection matches the elegant design of these cabinets.


A beautiful and functional design for cabinets that need to be ventilated, these doors feature horizontal wood slats similar to a window shutter. 


These cabinet doors mimic the look of beadboard paneling, a design once used as a decorative wall treatment. 

Flat Panel

Similar to Shaker doors, this style has a recessed center panel. Unlike Shaker however, the trim around the center panel varies in size and will have some detail to it. The refined look of the Dierdra Collection sets beautifully against this style.

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