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Easy and Affordable DIY Projects

Thinking about updating your home but not sure if you have the budget? Well don’t worry. There are plenty of simple home improvements you can do without breaking the bank. Let’s check out these affordable and easy DIY home projects you can get started on today.

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Ceiling Fans

Don’t underestimate what adding a ceiling fan can do for you and your home. Everyone knows the cooling breeze they provide, but often overlooked is their ability to help warm a house in the winter. Heat from the furnace rises and will settle towards the ceiling. By reversing the blades rotation of your ceiling fan, you can circulate that warm air back down into the room. Check out this article from This Old House that will walk you through the steps of installing your own. 

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Bathroom Fixtures

Along with kitchens, the bathroom is the most popular room to renovate in a home. It’s an intimate space you want to feel comfortable in, so it is important to get its design just right. Installing a new faucet will go a long way in refreshing the room, as well as adding coordinating towel racks and tissue holders. You can read about other bathroom remodel ideas on a budget in this article from Money Crashers. 


Floor Treatments

You walk all over it but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat it well. Floors will fade over time but you can restore them to their glory with some TLC. Just doing a deep cleaning of your carpets or polishing your hardwood and linoleum flooring will get them looking like new again. If you’re ready for a new carpet all together, you can save money by replacing it yourself. This article from diy network shows you how. 



We all have that one drawer. You know the one. It’s the one with rubber bands, a calculator, a broken watch, post it notes, a screwdriver and whatever else you don’t have a place for. Everyone is entitled to that one drawer, but it shouldn’t be your entire house. Having the proper storage in place can ensure that your home is tidy and everything accessible. Things like adding a towel bar to your kitchen wall to hang pots and pans from or getting a shoe rack for your closet, will introduce you to space you didn’t know you had. This article from Make Space, has storage ideas for small spaces on a budget. 



Put your personal touch on your home with some new decorative pieces. Thrift stores are a great place to find items with character to grace your home and add a new look at an affordable price, whether it’s a vintage curio cabinet or unique art pieces. You can also spruce up what you already have by giving them trending designs with a just a few modifications. This article from Better Home and Gardens has cheap diy projects for home décor to give your design a stylish look. 


Increase Home Value

If you think there’s any chance you might want to move, it would be wise to consider projects that will increase the worth of your house. In the short term, energy efficient improvements, like adding weather stripping to windows and doors, will save you money in heating as well as increase the home’s value when you’re ready to sell. This article from CheatSheet tells you how to add value to your home on a budget 

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There’s nothing quite like painting a room that will transform your entire design. It’s also one of the simplest home remodeling jobs you can do. In addition to increasing your home value and enhancing your design, painting a room also has the functional benefit of protecting your walls from moisture and wear and tear.

If you want to keep a room color the same but would like to give it a touch up, you can bring a quarter size sample of that rooms paint to Home Depot and they will find a match. But if you want to switch up your style and go with something new, you can look for inspirations in this article on 2020 paint trends from Good House Keeping.


Update Hardware

One of the easiest things you can do to refresh your space is replace the knobs and pulls of your furniture and cabinets. The only tool you’ll need is a screwdriver! Our value line, Advantage Plus by Berenson, features cabinet hardware for less in a variety of styles and designs. You can also reference our instructions when you’re ready to install.



Don’t shy away from a project just because you’re inexperienced. There are how-to YouTube videos for pretty much everything. This article from Realtor has some beginner home improvement projects that anyone can do.

Did you know there are government grants available for home improvements? They are for specific projects though, and usually ones that will make your home safer. Qualification for receiving these grants, and the kinds offered, vary by state so you will need to check locally for what you may be able to receive. This article from the balance provides an overview of what you can expect and where you can go for more information. 

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