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Ten Cabinet Hardware Terms

Berenson Hardware Ten Cabinet Hardware Terms

If you're new to cabinet hardware, you may see some terms you've never come across before. Don't worry because we have you covered. Here are ten cabinet hardware terms and their meanings.

Features of Hardware:

1. Tap
This is the threading where the screw secures with the hardware. Our standard knobs and pulls have an 8-32 or M4 tap, while appliance pulls have a 10-24.

2. Posts
This is where the threading is located in pulls and what rests against the cabinet when installed.

3. Center to center (CC)
This is the distance between the threading centers of a pull. This is the main measurement used in pull descriptions.

4. Finish

The color a pull comes in is referred to as its finish. Some variations on finishes are:

Matte/Satin: Finishes will have a soft color without sheen. 

Polished: Finish will be reflective and highly lustrous. 

Brushed: Slight brush marks will be visible along the length of the hardware. 

Weathered/Rustic: These finishes have a distressed appearance to make them seem worn and aged. 

Our cabinet hardware comes in a wide range of finishes including trending Matte Black and Modern Brushed Gold.

Types of Hardware:

5. Edge Pulls

Also known as finger pulls and tab pulls, these do not install like regular pulls. They do not have threading and are secured with wood screws. They wrap around the edge of a cabinet door or drawer.

6. Cup Pulls

Also known as bin pulls, these have a cupped design and are grabbed underhanded.

7. Recess Pulls

Also known as flush pulls, these are installed into the cabinet door or drawer and lay flush with the surface.  

Styles of Hardware:

8. Contemporary

This hardware has sleek lines and simple designs. Common finishes are metallic, such as Polished Chrome and Brushed Nickel.

9. Transitional

A mix of contemporary and traditional styles, you will see designs with subtle curves and minimal ornamentation. Warm finishes such as Oil Rubbed Bronze and Polished Nickel are common.

10. Traditional

This style features hardware with extra design elements and ornate details. Finishes are warm such as Verona Bronze or can have a distressed appearance, like Weathered Nickel. 

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