Screws are shipped with all Berenson hardware that require them for installation. They are shipped polybagged with the part or separately. The screws included depend on the tapping and installation needs of the part. Knobs will come with 1 screw and pulls will come with 2 screws. Below you will find information on our screws and which parts they are included with. Please the 8-32, M$, and 10-24 screws work with both flat and Phillips head screw drivers. The Wood screws need a Philips head screw driver.

Additional or alternative screws are not available.

These screws are included with hardware that have an 8-32 tap. Most parts come with a 1in. length. Some pulls with shorter threading depths will come with a 3/4in. length.

M4 Breakoff
These screws are 45mm in length and are included with hardware that have an M4 tap. The breaking points are at 17mm, 22mm, 27mm, 32mm and 38mm.

These screws are 1in. or 1 1/4in. and are included with all parts that have a 10-24 tap. All Berenson appliance pulls have a 10-24 tap.

These screws come in 5/8in. and 3/8in. lengths and are included with parts such as edge pulls and hooks.