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Line, Series, Collection Breakdown

Berenson is the core brand of our business offering a wide array of decorative hardware products. 

We have a hierarchy that breaks our products down into lines, series, and collections.


A line is a group of related products under the Berenson brand. We have three lines: Berenson, R. Christensen by Berenson & Advantage Plus by Berenson. Our Berenson line offers a wider array of hardware encompassing the general decorative hardware market. R. Christensen is a line offered to reach the discerning, high end and showroom customer. Advantage Plus is our value option that is high in quality, yet mindful of price point. Each line allows Berenson to reach the main sectors of the decorative hardware industry. We’ll describe each line in depth later on.


Our series break down our products within each line one more step by sorting them into specific design styles to guide the customer towards their desired look. Berenson’s Classic Comfort, Timeless Charm, Uptown Appeal and Artisan Inspired Series’ each encompass a different design style, touching very specific niches within our industry. While R. Christensen by Berenson’s Spectrum and Art Tech lines Series’ are aimed towards the same customer base, they offer two distinct styles.


Lastly, our collections are parts that share the same design. Grouping them together allows a customer to see all of the sizes and finishes they come in. Putting them in a collection together gives life to each set of products within the series, facilitating a better way to communicate our offerings. This allows customers to associate a name with the product rather than using the item number alone.

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