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Grandmillennial Design Trend

Many of our design styles these days reflect on elements used in the past. Vintage textures, patterns, decor, and colors are popping up in Instagram posts and stores everywhere. Previously popular styles are finding a home in new trends like Grandmillennial and Cottage Core. Gone are the days of Grandma's belongings ending up in a donation bin- estate sales are becoming an increasingly favorite place among designers to find pieces of decor with great character! 

Focused on the quality, craftsmanship, and unique features of decor from both older and newer generations, Grandmillennial designs create dynamic spaces reflective of the creator's interests. Gathering only the things one loves, this design style embraces individuality and is a perfect conversation starter since every piece has meaning.

Along with Cottage Core, Grandmillennial style opens the door to quirky, delightful elements. Add a pop of color by framing a vintage print, or go on the hunt for a decorative plate set with an unusual pattern, for display in a hutch cabinet.

"Grandmillennial designs create dynamic spaces reflective of the creator's interests."

If you're remodeling, repurposing, or refinishing cabinets- don't forget to find drawer knobs and pulls that reflect your style. Berenson offers a wide variety of decorative knobs and pulls. Check out our Pinterest page for Grandmillennial style inspiration, and find decorative hardware that fits the Grandmillennial style on our website.

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