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Ways to Implement QR Codes

QR codes are a useful tool to businesses for their versatility and simplicity. They can be printed on a variety of material and are easy to make. Plenty of websites offer free and quick QR code creation services and additional features for a nominal fee. Visualead and Go QR  are just a few examples.


It should be noted that QR codes are helpful in providing additional information to customers but should never be used as a substitute for a face to face interaction. They should be used as a tool to enhance a customer’s experience and foster a relationship.


There are a lot of ways to use QR codes as a business and below are some examples:


1. One of the most practical ways is on business cards. Allows the user to scan all of the information and save it right into their phone.

2. Put them on a display and lead them right to a page with more info on the product shown.

3. On a product label, they can be scanned to bring up instructions or more product details.

4. Make customers eager to scan a code by linking it to a promo code or coupon.

5. Grab customers attention by making it visually appealing. A great feature of QR codes is that they don’t have to look boring and can have some design!

6. Add it to promotional giveaways such as cups or key chains to give it more visibility in the world.

7. Use them on mailers to lead right to a signup page to receive emails.

8. At tradeshows they are a great way to instantly get a customer’s information and get more leads.

9. Include them on packing slips and connect to customer satisfaction surveys.

10. Feature them in store and let one lucky scanner win a prize.

Berenson is using QR codes on cabinet hardware display boards and catalogs, linking customers with our website so the they have instant access to more information on additional lengths and finishes, and to the most update product offerings. At KBIS 2020 we featured them on our displays connecting users to exclusive informational pages.

We can’t wait to see what creative ways you come up with for using QR codes in your marketing strategy.

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