Berenson Hardware comes in over 50 stylish finishes. Use this guide to explore all of our finish options and find the right one for your home. Finishes are listed in alphabetical order and include their finish code for identification with our item numbers. Click the finish name or image to view our available products in that finish.

Acrylic hardware comes in an array of colors. Everything from vibrant to muted tones are available. See the selection offered in Mix and Match.

Aluminum is a matte, light grey finish found in contemporary designs. Its natural metallic appearance makes it a perfect fit for industrial-style home decor.

Antique Brass (AB)

A dark gold finish that is tumbled to expose black undertones. This rustic and aged finish gives a time-honored feel to kitchen settings. It is available exclusively in our Advantage Wire Pulls Collection.

Antique Iron (AI)

A black finish with grey undertones that create a weathered appearance. It’s a great addition to craftsman homes. Parts in this finish can be found in our Mix and Match Hardware.

Antique Pewter (AP)

A tumbled metallic finish with subtle black undertones creating an aged look. It will add a classic touch to rustic homes and complements distressed cabinets. Check out our Andante Collection for traditional parts in this finish.

Antique Silver (99)

A matte silver finish that is easy-to-maintain and coordinates with fixtures and faucets. Check out Mix and Match for hardware in this finish.

Black knobBlack (55)

Black is a universal finish with a subtle sheen that complements all types of cabinet styles and finishes by providing a crisp, clean look. Its versatility has made it a go-to choice for hardware. Contrast with light-colored cabinets, like white, for striking visuals. See it on T-Bar pulls our Tempo Collection.

Black Nickel (98)

A reflective nickel finish that is highlighted with black undertones. Its lustrous appearance catches the eye and will bring sophistication to your cabinets. Our Swagger Collection features it on graceful contemporary hardware.

Bronze rust glaze cabinet knobs and pullBronze Rust Glaze (RBG)

A matte rust brown finish with natural undertones that is ideal for rustic and traditional style cabinets. Head over to
Mix and Match Hardware for parts in
this finish.

Brushed Antique BrassBrushed Antique Brass (BAB)

A lustrous golden yellow finish with brush marks that give an aged appearance. This finish complements transitional design settings and can be exclusively found in our Euro Moderno Collection.

Brushed Antique CopperBrushed Antique Copper (BAC)

A copper finish that is brushed to give it an aged appearance that complements traditional and rustic cabinet designs. It has a European flair and can be found in our Euro Traditions Collection.

brushed antique pewter cabinet knobs and pullBrushed Antique Pewter (BAP)

A light gray finish with dark accents on the edges. Its aged look makes it fitting for traditional or distressed cabinets. Find this finish exclusively in our Euro Traditions Collection.

Brushed black nickel decorative hardwareBrushed Black Nickel (BBN)                             
A warm silver color accented with black brushing that creates a two-tone effect. Fits well in traditional or transitional style homes. For transitional hardware in this finish, check out our Euro Moderno Collection.

Brushed Bronze cabinet knobs and handlesBrushed Bronze (BBZ)

A glossy bronze with golden highlights that creates a unique two-tone finish. This finish is ideal for transitional design settings and can be found exclusively in our Valencia Collection.

Satin chrome decorative hardwareSatin Chrome (SC)

A soft, light grey finish that coordinates well with many faucets and functional hardware found in all design styles. It can be found in our Berenson Essentials Program.

brushed copper cabinet knobs and pullsBrushed Copper (BC)

This soft, metallic finish works well in any style of home. It’s classic and beloved for its ability to bring warmth to a space. You can find this stunning finish in our Aspire Collection.

Brushed nickel decorative hardwareBrushed Nickel (BPN)

A timeless finish that complements an array of faucets, hinges, and appliance hardware. The brushing highlights the beauty of the nickel and creates a finish that hides scratches and water spots. Brushed Nickel has become one of the most popular finish choices for hardware due to its versatility and ability to complement all styles and cabinet colors. Our Metro Collection features this top-selling finish in a contemporary design.

Brushed Nickel Look cabinet hardwareBrushed Nickel Look (BNL)

Brushed Nickel Look has a similar appearance to Brushed Nickel but with more brushing. Find hardware with this finish in the Contemporary Advantage Two Collection.
Brushed Tin decorative hardwareBrushed Tin (BT)

A smooth hand-brushed dark grey that has a natural sheen and luster. This bold finish adds flair and a natural metallic appearance to your home. For artisan-style hardware in Brushed Tin, check out our Puritan Collection.

champagne decorative hardwareChampagne (CZ)

Champagne is a soft gold that adds sophistication to a cabinet with its subtle tone. See it on transitional hardware in our Transitional Advantage One Collection.

Charcoal Gray FinishCharcoal Gray 

The cool gray finish, Charcoal Gray is matte with a consistent tone. This trending finish works well in contemporary designs. Find it in our Art Tech Series.
Crystal decorative hardwareCrystal
Translucent crystal that adds instant glam and a sense of luxury to any room. It provides an elegant touch to glass paneled cabinet doors. Our crystal knobs come in three designs: Swirled, Faceted and Clear. Find them in our Mix and Match Hardware.

dark copper decorative hardwareDark Copper (DC)

A black finish with subtle hints of copper showing through is common in artisan interiors. Go to our Mix and Match Hardware for parts in this finish.
dull antique brass cabinet hardwareDull Antique Brass (DAB)

A matte dark gold finish that is tumbled to expose black undertones. This finish is easy to maintain and complements transitional kitchen styles. It can be found exclusively in our Euro Retro Collection.
dull bronze cabinet knobs and pullsDull Bronze (DBZ)

Bronze with dark undertones that reflect the natural weathering process of metal. Great for traditional homes and can be found exclusively in our Andante Collection.

dull chrome drawer knobs and pullsDull Chrome (DC)
A matte, light grey chrome. The metallic color and clean appearance of Dull Chrome make it perfect for contemporary styles. You can find this finish on a minimalist design in our I-Spazio Collection.

dull rust drawer knobs and pullsDull Rust (FE)
A textured reddish-brown finish that gives the illusion of naturally aged and rusted material without the actual rust. This finish gives character and depth to rustic furniture and cabinetry with a unique look and feel. Check out the Timeless Charm Series for hardware in this finish.

Gold cabinet door knobs and pulls
Gold (07)

A vivid and deep gold color that brings energy to a room. Hardware in this finish can be found in Mix and Match Hardware.

graphite cabinet knobs and pulls
Graphite (GPH)
Graphite is a dark, brushed grey finish. The neutral tone pairs well with a variety of styles and colors in any room. Check it out in our Elevate Collection.
matte black cabinet door knobs pulls
Matte Black (55)

Matte Black offers a dull black finish option for hardware. It’s versatile and complements all styles. This finish works well as a contrasting tone to light colors or an accent to vibrant colors. Berenson offers this finish in many collections, including Subtle Surge.

Modern Brushed Gold cabinet door knobs and pullsModern Brushed Gold (MDB)
Modern Brushed Gold is a light gold finish with a subtle sheen that draws the eye. This timeless finish is a classic choice for traditional designs but has proven to be a popular color in recent home designs as well. Check out our Epoch Edge Collection for contemporary hardware in this finish that would create an elegant and striking visual against dark cabinets.

oil rubbed bronze cabinet knobs and handlesOil Rubbed Bronze (ORB)

This classic finish is a deep brown color with a warm tone. It works well in traditional and transitional settings surrounded by other earth tones. It provides a beautiful contrast against light-colored cabinets. Check it out in our Forte Collection.
oil rubbed bronze light door knobs and handlesOil Rubbed Bronze Light (ORBL)
Oil Rubbed Bronze Light takes on a subtle purple hue while maintaining a natural earth tone color. Check out our Mix and Match knobs and pulls in this finish.

oiled bronze cabinet drawer knobs and pullsOiled Bronze (OB)

Oiled Bronze is a lustrous finish with a brown base and copper brushing. Knobs and pulls in this finish can be found in Mix and Match Hardware.

polished brass cabinet door knobs and pullsPolished Brass (03)

A lustrous brass with a vibrant gold tone that brings energy to a room. You can find a classic hook in this finish in our Prelude Collection.
polished chrome drawer knobs and pullsPolished Chrome (26)
A smooth finish with a mirror-like reflective property that is a popular choice in contemporary hardware. This finish came roaring onto the scene in the 50s and hasn’t left. It brings flair and sophistication to retro home designs with its powerful presence and clean look. Check out our Art Tech Series for sleek hardware in this finish.
polished copper cabinet drawer knobs and pullsPolished Copper (PC)

A bold take on a classic, this lustrous finish makes a statement in any space. Adding this accessory can bring contemporary flair to a traditional setting. We feature it on the sleek hardware of the Metro Collection.

polished nickel cabinet drawer knobs and pullsPolished Nickel (14)

Polished Nickel is a reflective silver finish warmer in tone than its contemporary counterpart, Polished Chrome. It’s ideal for achieving a high-end look in traditional and transitional style kitchens and baths. Our Designers’ Group Ten Collection features an array of hardware in this sophisticated finish that works well on both light and dark cabinets.
rubbed bronze cabinet knobs and pullsRubbed Bronze (10)
Rubbed Bronze is light black, with a matte finish that is durable and easy to maintain.
It’s a softer alternative to black and fits
well in a classic setting.
rust glaze cabinet drawer knobs and pullsRust Glaze (RG)

A brown, earth-toned finish that is tumbled to add dark undertones. This gives it character with a weathered and time-honored appearance that goes well with natural-toned cabinets. Check out Mix and Match for hardware in this finish.

rustic black nickel cabinet door knobs and pullsRustic Black Nickel (RBN)

A lustrous silver finish with black brush marks that create a rich color perfect for craftsman-style designs. 
rustic brushed brass cabinet door knobs and pullsRustic Brushed Brass (RAB)
A brushed brass finish that is non-reflective with dark black undertones that create a beautifully worn look. This rustic finish complements craftsman-style homes.

rustic copper decorative cabinet knobs and pullsRustic Copper (RC)

A red tone metallic finish with black undertones that is ideal for artistic style kitchens and furniture matching the DIY look. Check out our Overture Collection for craftsman hardware in this finish.

rustic iron cabinet door knobs and pullsRustic Iron (RI)

This dark grey finish with black undertones has an aged and distressed iron appearance. It’s worn look makes it perfect for craftsman style homes.
rustic nickel cabinet drawer knobs and pullsRustic Nickel (RN)
A warm silver finish with black undertones that give a distressed appearance. Rustic Nickel hardware complements craftsman homes and can be found in our
Artisan Inspired Series.

rustic tin cabinet door knobs and pullsRustic Tin (RT)

A light grey metallic color with a weathered and worn look. It will add an aged appearance to rustic-style homes and complement distressed cabinets. 

satin aluminum cabinet door knobs and pullsSatin Aluminum (SAL)

A lighter take on aluminum. Its natural metallic appearance makes it great for contemporary homes and can be found exclusively in our Advantage Wire Pulls Collection.
satin black cabinet edge pullsSatin Black (55)
This smooth black finish offers a universal option for kitchen and bath hardware. When paired with lighter tones it brings stylish contrast to any room. The The Bravo Collection. features this finish option on finger pulls.

satin brass cabinet door pulls and knobsSatin Brass (SB)

A versatile brass finish that complements an array of styles. Check out our Advantage Wire Pulls Collection for hardware in this finish.

satin gold cabinet door knobs and pullsSatin Gold (SG)

A softer take on gold, it has a satin finish for a warmer tone. It's timeless and complements contemporary and transitional style kitchens. See it on hardware in our Meadow collection.
satin nickel cabinet drawer knobs and pullsSatin Nickel (15)
The slight sheen of this light silver finish gives it a pearl-like quality. It will bring an elegant touch to your home and provides a stunning contrast against dark cabinets.

slate cabinet door pulls and knobsSlate (SLT)

A bold matte gray metallic finish that works well with many color schemes. Slate will add a striking appearance to contemporary cabinets. Check out our Uptown Appeal Series for hardware in this finish.

stainless steel cabinet door drawer knobs and pullsStainless Steel (SS)

An extremely durable metal that is virtually immune to rust, discoloration, and corrosion. This makes it a very low-maintenance material and finishes, popular in contemporary kitchen appliances. The hardware of our Stainless Steel Collection is dedicated to this finish and material.
tin cabinet drawer knobs and pullsTin (TN)
A distressed cool toned metallic finish that lends itself to transitional cabinetry and home designs.

verona bronze cabinet drawer knobs and pullsVerona Bronze (VB)
This top selling two-toned finish has a dark base and copper brushing. Verona Bronze
has become a popular choice for cabinet hardware due to its ability to complement
all home decor styles. Its warm tone sets well against light-colored cabinets. Check out our Vibrato Collection which is dedicated to only this unique finish and features it on a variety
of hardware styles.

vintage nickel cabinet drawer knobs and handlesVintage Nickel (VTN)
Vintage Nickel is a darker Brushed Nickel with a richer grey tone. It may be vintage in name but it is a universal finish that will coordinate well in any era of home decor. Our Laura Collection features it on sleek, contemporary hardware.
weathered copper drawer knobs and pullsWeathered Copper (WC)

Tumbled copper color with dark undertones gives this finish an aged appearance, perfect for rustic farmhouse styles. It’s fitting that it is found exclusively in our American Classics Collection.

weathered iron drawer knobs and pullsWeathered Iron (LWI)
A dark grey metallic finish with a weathered appearance that reflects the natural aging process of iron.

weathered nickel cabinet hardwareWeathered Nickel (WN)
A natural grey metallic tone with tumbled hues for a distressed look that hides wear
and tear. It’s a perfect finish to add an aged appearance to farmhouses, cabins, or any rustic style homes. The Traditional Advantage One Collection features it on classic hardware styles.
weathered verona cabinet hardwareWeathered Verona Bronze (WVB)

A light brown finish with copper undertones that create a marble-like pattern. Weathered Verona Bronze will bring a classic look to your traditional home. You can find this finish exclusively in our Hearthstone Collection.

Ceramic cabinet knobs and pullsWhite Ceramic (39)
White ceramic is a classic finish and material that complements traditional designs.

wood cabinet hardwareWood
A classic material and wood grain pattern.