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Kitchen and Bathroom Spring Cleaning

Berenson Hardware Hearthstone Kitchen Spring Cleaning Blog
As the trees bloom and the landscape fills in with greenery, it’s easy to know, that the spring-cleaning season is upon us. It prompts homeowners everywhere to get out their cleaning supplies, throw away unused items, and refresh areas of their homes.
As muddy shoes and dirty hands become the standard of the season, the kitchen and bathrooms are the primary focus rooms to clean. These have the highest traffic in homes and require the most attention, not just when temperatures rise, and flowers begin to bud.

Kitchens and bathrooms demand regular cleanings, especially sinks, faucets and floors. Believe it or not, even your cabinet hardware collects dust and dirt over time. Kitchen knobs and pulls are often in spill zones and can quickly get speckled with oils and foods. Fingerprints and pet fur only add to the level of dirt these products are exposed to. Cleaning your decorative hardware will bring a fresh, clean sparkle to your kitchen or bathroom.

The best way to clean cabinet hardware is to gently wipe with a soft cloth that's damp with warm water. Rinse out the cloth, as needed, to ensure your water stays clean as you wipe down the fixtures.

It’s imperative that cleaners are not used on your cabinet hardware. Any soap/cleaner has the potential to cause damage to the finish on the hardware and this will void your warranty from Berenson.

Maybe cleaning your cabinet hardware isn’t what you’re in the mood for this spring. Changing up the style of your kitchen without a complete remodel can often be accomplished with a change in your cabinet hardware. Berenson offers a variety of styles, finishes, and price points for every project. 
Explore our contemporary, transitional or traditional selections today! Not sure where to find Berenson products? Enter your zip code to our Find A Store page for info on dealers in your area.

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