Berenson offers two different size towers for displaying our products, a 12-board option and a 36-board option. Each display tower rotates 360 degrees for easy access and comes with branded headers. Click the displays below for more information.

Standard Display Boards
Our standard display boards are laid out to visually represent the way hardware can look in the home. Every available finish and multiple center to center lengths are shown so your customer can see all options available for purchase. These boards are made to fit into our display towers.

Information on discontinued display boards can be found on our Discontinued Product Information page.

Click the board image to see all boards available within each category.

Display Board Programs
Berenson’s display board programs conveniently group together hardware from different collections based on shared traits. These boards are larger for an impactful visual and highlight hardware in stylish layouts.

Click the board image to see more information on the program.