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Cabinet Hardware Finish Variations

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Our hardware comes in many base finishes, but also with some variations. Read on to find out what our finish descriptors mean for the appearance of a color. 

Matte finishes absorb light rather than reflect, giving a softer tone. One of our favorite collections, Swagger, is now available in Matte Black.

A polished finish is highly reflective and maintains a new look due to its lustrous nature. Polished Nickel is the featured finish of our Designers' Group Ten Collection.

Rubbed finishes are pure colors without any marks. Oil Rubbed Bronze is a great finish for traditional cabinets and furniture. 

Rustic finishes have a worn and aged appearance. Common in craftsman designs. Our Euro Rustica Collection features hardware exclusively in rustic finishes. 

Satin finishes lack sheen and have a soft color. Our Satin Gold will bring a warm touch to a room. 

Weathered Cabinet Hardware Finish variationsWeathered

A weathered finish has a distressed look ideal for industrial designs. We added Weathered Nickel to all of the traditional collections of Advantage Plus

A brushed finish has noticeable brush marks and gives an overall softer tone to the color. We recently added Brushed Copper to our Bravo Collection. 

Antique finishes give a part an older and used appearance and are fitting for traditional interiors.  The hardware of our Andante collection come in an Antique Pewter option. 

Vintage cabinet hardwareVintage

A vintage finish is a darker version of its base color.  Our Vintage Nickel can be found across a variety of collections, including Tailored Traditional

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