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Traditional Style Design

Traditional Style

A Style with Timeless Charm

Traditional style in interior design has had an enduring presence over time and it can be attributed to its welcoming feel. From its familiar style to its warm tones, it has a way of comforting people. 

Some of that inviting feeling comes from the order and neatness of a traditional home. Furniture, such as tables and chairs, will usually be part of a set and match other items in the room. They will most often be wooden and feature ornamentation, giving these pieces life and character. Furniture will be arranged symmetrically, to keep everything looking consistent which is a key aspect of traditional designs. 

The colors used in a traditional home are chosen to create a cozy atmosphere. You will not find flashy or bright colors here but rather warm and neutral tones for a calm, relaxed look. Walls are typically a soft neutral color to allow the accents of the room to flourish against them. Windows will have detailed trim and be adorned with lavish treatments such as drapes. 

A traditional home is not without artistic flair though. Art on the wall will have frames that are works of art themselves. And the embroidery of upholstery or curtains will have lively patterns such as damask or floral. These are familiar patterns that can be found in designs going back centuries. 

Metals can be found throughout traditional designs, most visibly on the furniture and in the lighting and plumbing fixtures. These will have a subtle color and accent their surroundings.

Berenson Harmony Collection Mixed Metal Knobs

These days it has become something of a trend to mix metals. The traditional mixing has been silver and gold. A rule to stick to in design when mixing metals is to pair cool and warm colors. Our Harmony Collection has been designed to allow their inserts to be interchanged between each other. You can swap the inserts of a Brushed Nickel and Verona Bronze knob to create two stunning mixed metal knobs.

Traditional designs have become timeless thanks to their familiar features. It’s a design everyone recognizes and feels at home in. A new take on it has emerged in grandmillennial which tweaks the style for a current generation. Rest assured, traditional will be around for some time still. 

(Please note that pieces do not come as mixed metal. Hardware must be purchased separately and mixed as needed for design.)

Berenson Timeless Charm Infographic

Our Timeless Charm series features traditional style decorative hardware collections in a range of lengths and finishes. We have just what you need to add a traditional touch to your next project.

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