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Beige in Interior Design

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Get ready to party like it's 1999...

...because beige is about to have a big presence in interior design, again! Beige has been making a comeback lately and has even been recently named PPG’s color palette of the year for 2021.

Beige has always had a strong presence in design, so much so that there came to be a color in the industry known as “Contractors Beige”. This is because so many builders came to use it as the generic wall color when painting a new home or apartment. Eventually beige it hit a bubble and people moved in a different direction towards gray. Atlas Obscura takes an interesting look at what prompted this boom of beige and what led to its temporary decline.

Beige is a warm and inviting color, so it will always have a presence in interiors, but one reason it might be seeing a resurgence at this time is because beige can make a small room look bigger. Lighter colors reflect light and are able to give living rooms and bedrooms an open feeling. With how much people have been in their homes lately, anything that makes a space seem larger is welcome. 

The cool tone of gray came in to replace beige as a go-to wall color but is taking a step back for now. It is not leaving completely, however. It can still be found as part of the sandy tone, greige, a combination of gray and beige. Other variations of beige you can expect to see more of include buff, tan, and cream. 

Beige in Interior Design Hexagon Color Swatches Brushed Nickel Cabinet Hardware

The beauty of beige comes in its neutral tone and ability to be complemented by most colors. Whether it's with other neutrals such as white or brown, or with the soft tones of blue and teal, beige feels like it belongs.

You can find out more information on beige and PPG’s Color Palette of the Year in this article from Better Homes & Gardens.

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