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2020 Home Décor Design Trends

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The design of your home is a true reflection of yourself. Your choice of décor and furniture are an expression of your personality and style. Let’s look at what some of today's top trends might say about you.


Scandinavian design indicates that you appreciate the natural and minimalist life. Natural wood tones in the furniture and floors, vibrant plants, and plenty of natural light are incorporated in these spaces. Colors and accessories are kept to a minimum, to keep spaces clutter-free and simple. Neutral tones are the main colors found in these designs, with white being most prominent and tan serving as an accent. 

Our Metro Collection has knobs and pulls with slim features ideal for these minimalist spaces.


This style has been popular for quite some time and is one of reuse. Old objects find new life when repurposed for something different. You work with what you have and see potential in everything. Thrift store items are not shied away from. Since each item is unique in this way, there will be a charming, cobbled-together look. White is a common color of farmhouse rooms, along with accents of natural wood found in exposed beams and furniture. 

The Matte Black knobs and pulls of our Hearthstone Collection will provide a great contrast with white kitchen cabinets. 

Boho Chic

More, more, more! More patterns, more textures, more everything! If it is full of character and patterns, you want it. This Bohemian design style embraces textures of all kinds, often finding glass tables, wicker chairs, a leather couch, and woven rug all in the same room. To have this style means you embrace everything artistic and love things with personality. It showcases your worldly side with pieces from all over.

The lined pattern on the knobs and pulls of our Oak Park Collection will fit right in with the rest of your eclectic items.

Mid-Century Modern

The mid-century modern style suggests you’re a tidy and neat person, as you can find comfort in the straight lines and subtle curves of this design. Tones like teal and orange are used to brighten a room without appearing too busy. This is another style that has stuck around for some time and can attribute some of that staying power to its functional and simple approach.

Our Domestic Bliss Collection features cabinet hardware with the classic features of this trend.


Born out of the repurposing of industrial spaces into lofts, this trend echoes the productive nature of the space it mimics by making use of functional furniture and accessories. You are a practical sort who enjoys the open space and clean lines of this design, and the order that comes with it. Some designs keep a closer tie to the industrial aspect. They will include more rustic elements to complement features such as exposed pipes and brick that are often found in these homes. Neutral tones such as black, grey, and brown can be found in both.

The defined posts and clean design of our Subtle Surge Collection are a great addition to the cabinets and drawers of your industrial spaces.


Sometimes called Granny Chic, this style takes its inspiration from the traditional designs of the past. You may be an old soul who grew weary of the neutral tones you saw everywhere and yearned for a time where people weren’t afraid to add flair to a home. To achieve the grandmillennial style you’ll want to hang wallpaper to get a little color going! Hang some drapes to give your windows more character. Patterns such as floral and plaid are common as well as matching décor.

The cabinet knobs and pulls of our Designers’ Group Ten Collection come in Polished Nickel, an elegant finish that will add a sophisticated touch to an old-school style.

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