Part Number Breakdown

Parts Are Identified as Follows:

Item #: Four-digit item code (followed by a dash)

Material: One-digit primary material code

Finish: Two-digit code or a character code (two or three letters. If item has mixed metal finish, the dominant finish code will be first followed by the accent finish code) to distinguish the finish (followed by a dash) 

Packaging: One-letter packaging code

Key to Packaging Codes

B  Item is supplied in bulk without mounting screws or escutcheon pins. (Mounting hardware ordered separately.) 

C  Item is supplied in a carton with 8-32 x 1in. screws or M4 x 45mm break-off screws.

P  Item is individually polybagged with 8-32 x 1in. machine screws or other mounting hardware, such as 10-24 x 1in. machine screws for Appliance Pulls or wood screws for Edge Pulls.