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Popular Interior Design Colors

Colors in interior design are always changing as things fall in and out of fashion. Here are a few of some of our favorite colors we're seeing today.

Berenson Modern Brushed Gold Finish


Gold is a versatile color that can be incorporated into all types of designs, from traditional to contemporary. It played a major role in classic designs and has been updated for today's styles. The gold that is trending now, such as our Modern Brushed Gold finish, has an inviting, warm tone that will add just the touch of color a room needs without being overwhelming. It brings a mature elegance to a home when paired against black.


Once used sparingly in designs, black is now used as a main color and can be found on appliances and even as a wall color. It is commonly used as an accent in farmhouse designs, contrasting black hardware against white cabinets. Like gold, a softer tone is popular these days, like our Matte Black.

Berenson Matte Black Finish

Berenson Brushed Copper Finish


This classic finish has been making a splash in interior design in recent years and is still going strong. Once found mainly in rustic, farmhouse designs, it now appears across a variety of styles, including contemporary. Its warm, metallic tone gives a home a rich accent. Copper hardware can give a kitchen a unique mixed metal look.


Gray is a prominent color in design due to its neutral tone. Slate, a matte grey has been finding its way into designs more lately, thanks in part to its fresh take on an old favorite. Our Slate decorative hardware has a bold tone that works well against a variety of cabinet finishes.

Berenson Slate Finish

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