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Benefits of Berenson Essentials Display Board

Larger Display!

Catches your customers eye with its clean look and the quality hardware featured will keep them looking.


The Berenson Essentials display board features popular cabinet hardware which are proven performers in the market and were chosen with architects, specifiers, and builders in mind.


This display board also highlights every length and finish offered so builders will have no problem visualizing everything the program has to offer for their project


All seven knob and pull designs of this program are collected onto one convenient board. Architects and designers will be able to browse affordable edge pulls, wire pulls, square knobs and pulls, round knobs, arch pulls, rectangle pulls, and t-bar pulls and knobs all in one condensed display.


The Berenson Essentials display board is informative, featuring the center to center and item number of every part available in a length right on the front. A finish code guide at the top makes choosing the right item simple.

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