Free Samples from Berenson


 We want to ensure that our customers are confident in their purchase with us which is why we make
ordering samples simple and convenient. Through Samplicity, our industry leading sample program,
we provide a hassle-free customer experience and more samples than anyone else! 

Sample requests can be placed through the website by industry professionals who have a registered account. Designers and dealers can request free samples for customers by email. 

Samples will be sent directly to the address provided.
You must have a mail receptacle to receive the package.

Program Details

Number of Samples

Order up to 5 samples.

Products Included

Berenson and Advantage Plus by Berenson knobs and pulls of 160mm CC or less.


Free samples also qualify for free shipping! All samples are shipped  via USPS mail. You must have a mail receptacle to receive the package.

Longer lengths and R. Christensen by Berenson hardware can be ordered as a sample at 50% off MSRP
with paid flat rate shipping ($4 per part). Hooks, latches and appliance pulls are not available as samples.

Sample parts are not for display. Please contact us for display items and options. | 800-333-0578

How to Order


Log in to your account. Find the part you would like a sample of and click on its item number or description.
This will bring up the Item Detail page and the Request A Sample button.

Step 2

A window will pop up requesting shipping info and credit card info, if the sample requires a payment.

Step 3

After you fill in the required information, click Submit Sample Request and your request will be processed.

Free Sample Clip
As a bonus, you can choose to receive a free sample clip with your order. This unique clip lets you preview how our hardware looks on your cabinet door or drawer without the commitment of drilling holes. Choose between a 1in. clip, best for doors, or a 3in. clip, best for drawers. Watch how easy our sample clip makes visualizing hardware in the video on the left!