Our Berenson beauty display boards help to merchandise and draw the customers' eye to your Berenson Display Tower. Each beauty display board measures 11 13/16in. x 15 13/16in. x 1/8in. and has a notch in the bottom to help insert and remove the board from the display. 

*Please note, display board artwork is subject to change at any time and may not reflect the image shown.

Price Code Beauty BoardPrice Code Beauty Board

Samplicity Beauty Beauty Board
Samplicity Beauty Board
Roque Beauty Board Roque Beauty Board

Limited Quantities

Please contact us to check availability, orders@berensonhardware.com or (800) 333-0578.

Advantage Plus Beauty BoardAdvantage Plus Beauty Board

T-Bar Beauty Board
T-Bar Beauty Board
Elevate Beauty Board Elevate Beauty Board

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