Berenson Flat Rate Shipping Header Graphic

Affordable Shipping Rates Just for You!

Customer satisfaction is important to us and we are always listening. You let us know you needed standard shipping costs, so we got them for you! 
As of August 17, 2020, flat rate shipping rates are in effect for our Showroom customers. 

No more guessing games with quotes! Know the price of shipping at the time of order!

Shipping Rates

$12 Flat

Orders less than or equal to $100

$16 Flat

Orders over $100 and less than or equal to $350

PPD Shipping

Orders over $350

Note: Over $350 is the new threshold as it was $300

With this new streamlined pricing, you can include the shipping cost right into your customer's order without having to wait for the invoice.

Contact our Showroom Sales Team for more information about these rates.