Forte Display Board

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Part numbers for all parts in the Forte Collection can be found below.

For detailed information on an individual part click on the part number listed.

Forte 18inch CC Oil Rubbed Bronze Pull

18in. CC Length
Length not featured on display board.

Brushed Nickel8297-1BPN-P
Oil Rubbed Bronze8299-1ORB-P
Verona Bronze8298-1VB-P
Weathered Nickel8300-1WN-P

Forte 6inch CC Weathered Nickel Pull

6in. CC Length
Length featured in all available finishes on display board.

Brushed Nickel8267-1BPN-P
Oil Rubbed Bronze8269-1ORB-P
Verona Bronze8268-1VB-P
Weathered Nickel8270-1WN-P

Forte 4inch CC Verona Bronze Pull

4in. CC Length
Length featured in Brushed Nickel, Verona Bronze and Weathered Nickel  on display board.

Brushed Nickel8273-1BPN-P
Oil Rubbed BronzeNot Available
Verona Bronze8274-1VB-P
Weathered Nickel8276-1WN-P

Forte Large Verona Bronze Knob

Large Knob
Featured in Verona Bronze and Weathered Nickel on display board.

Brushed Nickel8279-1BPN-P
Oil Rubbed Bronze8281-1ORB-P
Verona Bronze8280-1VB-P
Weathered Nickel8282-1WN-P

Forte Small Brushed Nickel Knob

Small Knob
Featured in Brushed Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze on display board.

Brushed Nickel8285-1BPN-P
Oil Rubbed Bronze8287-1ORB-P
Verona Bronze8286-1VB-P
Weathered Nickel8288-1WN-P

This Berenson display board features a selection of decorative hardware in all finishes from the Forte Collection . The price code, center to center measurement and part number can be found listed below each part on the display board. Information on additional parts in the collection, including 18in. CC pulls can be found on a planogram sticker on the back of the board.

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