Core Display Board

Last updated: 08/22/2022

Please Note: The Core Collection has been discontinued as of October 2020. 

Due to this, the display board is no longer available. All parts in the collection have been marked as limited quantities and will be available while supplies last.

Please contact our Customer Service Team for more information and stock quantities available.

local_phone (800) 333-0578

Look for the colored dots to indicate the availability status of discontinued parts.

( ) Limited Quantities, available while supplies last
( ) Out of Stock, no longer available

Core 160mm CC Transparent White Pull

160mm CC Length
Length featured in Transparent Black and Transparent White on display board.

Transparent Black9762-7000-P
Transparent Lime9763-7000-P
Transparent White9761-7000-P

Core 96mm CC Transparent Orange Pull

96mm CC Length
Length featured in Transparent Blue and Transparent Orange on display board.

Transparent Black9756-7000-P
Transparent Blue9759-7000-P
Transparent Lime9757-7000-P
Transparent Orange9758-7000-P
Transparent Violet9760-7000-P
Transparent White9755-7000-P

Core 16mm CC Transparent Black Pull

16mm CC Length
Length featured in Transparent Black on display board.

Transparent Black9766-7000-P
Transparent White9765-7000-P

Core Transparent Lime Knob

Featured in Transparent Lime and Transparent Purple on display board.

Transparent Black9750-7000-P
Transparent Blue9753-7000-P
Transparent Lime9751-7000-P
Transparent Orange9752-7000-P
Transparent Violet9754-7000-P
Transparent White9749-7000-P