Subtle Surge Display Board

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Part numbers for all parts in the Subtle Surge Collection can be found below.

For detailed information on an individual part click on the part number listed.

Subtle Surge 18in. CC Modern Brushed Gold Pull

18in. CC Length
Length not featured on display board.

Brushed Nickel1115-1BPN-P
Matte Black1119-1055-P
Modern Brushed Gold1114-1MDB-P
Polished Nickel1116-1014-P
Verona Bronze1117-10VB-P
Vintage Nickel1118-1VTN-P

Subtle Surge 12in. CC Brushed Nickel Pull

12in. CC Length
Length featured in Brushed Nickel on display board.

Brushed Nickel1266-1BPN-P
Matte Black1269-1055-P
Modern Brushed Gold1270-1MDB-P
Polished Nickel1268-1014-P
Verona Bronze1267-10VB-P
Vintage Nickel1271-1VTN-P

Subtle Surge 224mm CC Brushed Nickel Pull

224mm CC Length
Length featured in Brushed Nickel on display board.

Brushed Nickel1260-1BPN-P
Matte Black1263-1055-P
Modern Brushed Gold1264-1MDB-P
Polished Nickel1262-1014-P
Verona Bronze1261-10VB-P
Vintage Nickel1265-1VTN-P

Subtle Surge 160mm CC Brushed Nickel Pull

160mm CC Length
Length featured in Brushed Nickel on display board.

Brushed Nickel1254-1BPN-P
Matte Black1257-1055-P
Modern Brushed Gold1258-1MDB-P
Polished Nickel1256-1014-P
Verona Bronze1255-10VB-P
Vintage Nickel1259-1VTN-P

Subtle Surge 128mm CC Brushed Nickel Pull

128mm CC Length
Length featured in Brushed Nickel on display board.

Brushed Nickel1248-1BPN-P
Matte Black1251-1055-P
Modern Brushed Gold1252-1MDB-P
Polished Nickel1250-1014-P
Verona Bronze1249-10VB-P
Vintage Nickel1253-1VTN-P

Subtle Surge 96mm CC Polished Chrome Pull

96mm CC Length
Length featured in Brushed Nickel, Polished Nickel, and Verona Bronze on display board.

Brushed Nickel1242-1BPN-P
Matte Black1245-1055-P
Modern Brushed Gold1246-1MDB-P
Polished Nickel1244-1014-P
Verona Bronze1243-10VB-P
Vintage Nickel1247-1VTN-P

Subtle Surge Matte Black Knob

Featured in Brushed Nickel, Matte Black, Modern Brushed Gold and Vintage Nickel on display board.

Brushed Nickel1236-1BPN-P
Matte Black1239-1055-P
Modern Brushed Gold1240-1MDB-P
Polished Nickel1238-1014-P
Verona Bronze1237-10VB-P
Vintage Nickel1241-1VTN-P

This Berenson display board features a selection of decorative hardware in all finishes from the Subtle Surge Collection with Brushed Nickel featured in every length displayed. The price code, center to center measurement and part number can be found listed below each part on the display board. Information on additional parts in the collection, including 18in. CC appliance pulls can be found on a planogram sticker on the back of the board.

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