Slide and Up Display Board

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Part numbers for all parts in the Slide Collection and Up Collection can be found below.

For detailed information on an individual part click on the part number listed.

Slide Brushed Nickel Wide Hook

Slide Wide
Featured in Polished Chrome and Brushed Nickel on display board.

Brushed Nickel9278-1BPN-P
Dull Chrome9280-10DC-P
Polished Chrome

Slide Dull Chrome Narrow Hook

Slide Narrow
Length featured in Dull Chrome on display board.

Brushed Nickel9275-1BPN-P
Dull Chrome9277-10DC-P
Polished Chrome9276-1026-P

Up 16mm Brushed Nickel Drop Pull

Up 16mm CC Length
Length featured in Brushed Nickel on display board.

Brushed Nickel9739-1BPN-C
Polished Chrome

Up 64mm CC Polished Chrome Drop Pull

Up 64mm CC Length
Length featured in Polished Chrome on display board.

Brushed Nickel9737-1BPN-C
Polished Chrome9738-1026-C

This R. Christensen by Berenson display board features a selection of decorative hardware in every size and finish available in the Slide and Up collections. Information on part numbers, pricing, center to center measurements and additional parts in the collection can be found on a planogram sticker on the back of the board. 

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