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R. Christensen by Berenson Board Updates

We have updated our R. Christensen by Berenson Display boards. Collections have been regrouped and recent finish additions have been included. Check out the info below on the new boards and which boards the collections were previously featured on. 
The previous boards are discontinued. The collections of Arch, Scoop, Jazz, and Silhouette are no longer featured on boards and can be found in Mix and Match.

Edge, Square, and Dual

The collections featured on this board were previously on Edge and I-Spazio (0395-7000-03-W), and Square and Dual


This display board features the Fuji collection as well as the recently added finishes of Black, Soft Gold, and Charcoal Gray. This collection was previously on Fuji and Scoop (0392-7000-03-W).

I-Spazio, Lips, and Mini

This display board includes the new small knobs of the Mini collection, as well as the I-Spazio and Lips collections with their recently added Black finish.
I-Spazio was formally on Edge and I-Spazio (0395-7000-03-W), and Lips was on Arch and Lips

Spiral and Wave

The collections of this board were previously on Silhouette and Spiral (0390-7000-03-W) and, Wave and Jazz (0345-7000-03-W).

The boards of Right and Disc (0540-7000-03-W), Slide and Up (0348-7000-03-W), and Stylus and Seize (0352-7000-03-W) have not been updated and are still active.

Right and Disc Display BoardRight and Disc
Slide and Up Display BoardSlide and Up
Stylus and Seize Display BoardStylus and Seize

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