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Berenson Display Board QR Codes

The latest information, right from your phone!

Our collections are always being updated to keep up with the latest trends and we want our customers to always have the most up to date information. With QR Codes, we can make that possible! 

Berenson and Advantage Plus by Berenson display boards feature QR codes that work seamlessly with our website and allow customers access to more information than ever before! These QR codes can be scanned using an online QR code scanner or app on a smartphone or tablet. (Please note the camera on some smartphones can also read QR codes). 

When scanned, these QR codes bring up a convenient to use page on our website, with parts from the collection(s) featured on the board grouped by CC length.

This page is just a click away and offers additional information on all parts in the collection, including those not on the display board

Click this link to watch an introductory video about QR codes:

QR Code stickers are available for your existing Berenson boards. Our sticker sheet, 0175-STKR-01, contains a sticker for every Berenson board, labeled with the collection name and display board part number for your convenience!

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Click this link to watch a video explaining our QR code sticker sheets:

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