Our hardware come in many base finishes, but then there are variations on these finishes. This list will let you know what each variation is and what effect it has on a finishes appearance.

Antique finishes appear faded and aged. Perfect for traditional or craftsman homes. 

Brushed finishes have visible brush marks running the length of the part. 

Dull finishes have softer tones and lack sheen. 

Matte finishes absorb light rather than reflect and give a warm feel to a room.

A polished finish is highly reflective and maintains a new look due to its lustrous nature. 

Rubbed finishes are single colors and have a deep, warm tone.

Rustic finishes have a used and aged appearance. Common in craftsman style homes. 

Satin finishes lack sheen and have a light tone. 

A weathered finish has a distressed appearance.

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