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Harmony Brushed Nickel Knob


This Brushed Nickel knob has a square face with angled corners on an octagonal stem.
Parts in the Harmony Collection are can be interchanged with each other to create a unique mixed metal piece. This knob has a tooth on the bottom for grip and to secure the knob in position.
MSRP: $6.99

Euro Moderno 96mm CC Brushed Nickel Pull


This Brushed Nickel pull has a classic feel, with a broad, wide center.
MSRP: $6.93

Bravo 32mm CC Polished Chrome Edge Pull


This Polished Chrome edge pull will bring a contemporary touch into your home.
Part measures 1/16in. thickness.
MSRP: $6.31

Studio 288mm CC Stainless Steel Pull


This Studio 288mm Stainless Steel pull has a rounded bar handle attached at the ends to a rectangular base giving it a compact look.
MSRP: $15.79

Tempo 3 inch CC Verona Bronze Bar Pull


This Tempo 3 inch Verona Bronze pull has a standard round bar handle with beveled ends.
MSRP: $5.40

Century Edge 160mm CC Matte Black Pull


This Matte Black pull is the perfect addition to any modern design space.
MSRP: $12.31

Hearthstone 6 inch CC Matte Black Pull


This 6 inch Matte Black pull features a sturdy straight frame with rounded corners leading to a rectangular base.
MSRP: $15.50

Aspire 128mm CC Polished Chrome Pull


This Polished Chrome pull adds a classic element to your home.
MSRP: $9.36

Advantage Plus Three 96mm CC Verona Bronze Rounded End Pull


A subtle arch gives this Verona Bronze pull elegant style.
MSRP: $2.85

Vibrato 3 inch CC Verona Bronze American Classic Cup Pull


This Vibrato 3 inch Cup pull has a basic style accented by a shallow lip on the front face.
MSRP: $11.26

Tailored Traditional 96mm CC Modern Brushed Gold Pull


This Tailored Traditional 96mm Modern Brushed Gold pull features a smooth rounded handle design with a decorative square base.
Formally known as Modern Bronze.
MSRP: $9.24

Oasis Brushed Nickel Knob


This Brushed Nickel knob has a classic circular face with a thin stem.
MSRP: $4.77
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