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Advantage Plus Four Collection

The Advantage Plus Four Collection has classic knobs and pulls for your traditional home. This decorative hardware has exquisite rope or band details perfect for raised panel cabinets.

Advantage Plus Four
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Advantage Plus Four Verona Bronze Tiered Knob


Maintaining function, this Verona Bronze knob has ringed levels.

Advantage Plus Four 3 inch CC Brushed Nickel Rounded End Pull


Subtle features give this Brushed Nickel Pull a familiar feeling.

Advantage Plus Four Weathered Nickel Tiered Knob


Turn to a time when detail was important with this Weathered Nickel knob.

Advantage Plus Four Verona Bronze Roped Knob


The backplate on this Verona Bronze knob brings an extravagant touch to your space.

Advantage Plus Four 3 inch CC Verona Bronze Roped Pull


The roped design on the top of this Verona Bronze pull brings classic beauty to your cabinet.

Advantage Plus Four 3 inch CC Brushed Nickel Roped Pull


An ornate design makes this Brushed Nickel Pull perfect for your vintage style.

Advantage Plus Four Brushed Nickel Roped Knob


A beautiful backplate gives this Brushed Nickel knob an elaborate appearance.
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