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There are two easy ways to view a photo and specifications of an individual part.
1. Click on the part image/callout number in the photo below.
2. Click on the part number in the chart below the image.

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The Aspire collection combines curves and straight lines to create a simple and sophisticated design. These cabinet knobs, cabinet pulls, and appliance sized pulls will compliment any style of cabinetry with the warmth and grace.

Available Finishes: Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Brushed Tin, & Veroana Bronze

Hardware Type: Cabinet Knobs, Cabinet Pulls, Over/Appliance sized pulls

1. 9230-1026-P 2. 9233-1026-P 3. 9236-1026-P 4. 9239-1026-P
5. 9242-1026-P 6. 9231-1BPN-P 7. 9234-1BPN-P 8. 9237-1BPN-P
9. 9240-1BPN-P 10.9243-1BPN-P 11. 9232-10BT-P 12. 9235-10BT-P
13. 9238-10BT-P 14.9241-10BT-P 15. 9244-10BT-P 16. 2029-10VB-P
17. 2030-10VB-P 18.2031-10VB-P 19. 2032-10VB-P 20. 2033-10VB-P